The REASON for honesty?? -best guidance comes from CLEAR conscience.

Come and watch the video screen.
you will understand. you will see what i mean.Motivational-and-Inspirational


Radical Honesty Project

     We HIDE STUFF inside of us.
Secrets & tragedies and failures, these are meant to be shared, and brought to others!

     The children have STUFF hidden inside. Little secrets and events and issues.       That STUFF gets moldy and old. Festering. Ugly. Are  you able to motivate honesty and a clear conscience in the peoples around you?       Succes and wholeness CANNOT be realized without a clear conscience. A clear conscience takes MAINTENANCE. Maintenance through communication.

    Radical Honesty Project  is dedicated to helping you get CLEAR.

People really do need help.
People need ‘honesty ice-breaker’ ideas and tools.
People need SOMEBODY to be a leader in honesty.  …you can be that leader!…

Radical Honesty Project is dedicated to helping YOU be immersed in ‘Honesty Family’. Being ‘Honesty Family, or an ‘Honesty Group’ is a best foundation for success!
YOU deserve a Peaceful, CRYSTAL – CLEAR CONSCIENCE..!

If you had two little ‘HONESTY THROW-DOWN’ times a week,
do you think that you would be more successful in LIFE and RELATIONSHIPS and BUSINESS?

       TWO ‘Family Honesty Times’ per week. (closed group. Elders and youngers, men & women) Get real, you are surrounded by a world where children have ‘free access pornography’, online sex, and video game addictions. Cartoons are full of ‘vile, mocking and hateful’ expressions that are unacceptable in ‘the peaceful tribe & community’. ‘Entertainment’ is often loaded with bloody, violent, and truly terrifying and horrible characters and behavior. If the elder generation is not willing to ‘chit chat’ about REAL LIFE problems and expose their own lives, The rising generations are NOT being served.

and/or  TWO ‘Business Group Honesty Times’ per week. For personal excellence. “My business is nobody else’s business” can be a supreme ‘failure mentality’. You can try to slander ‘good stature’, but ‘best stature’ even in a courtroom, begins with bold, tough willingness to ‘admit fault’. Honesty Times. For emotional clarity and business SUCCESS!

Ankurmans-Quotes-To-Inspire-You-To-Take-Actions-Right-Now  BEGIN with a little WORKSHOP. The elders setting aside time. Taking the responsibility of ‘telling the stories of the failures of their ‘ancient past,’ in a pure and kind way that can be understood clearly by an 8-13 year old. Real life is ‘way better’ than Netflicks. This ‘workshop time’ takes thought and preparation. Speaking about desire, sex issues, and ‘best ways’ of being. Speak about anger, revenge, slander. Speak about theft, stealing, and the ‘inner hurts’ that these things cause. Admitting that we really get ‘stuck’ on our devices in ways that need to be MONITORED. …STOP what you are doing, and plan this workshop. Do it today.

TWO ‘Family Honesty Times’ per week, Where each person has a chance to ‘report to others’ where you ‘disappointed yourself’ or ‘hurt others’ or ‘broke promises’ or ‘spoke in an ugly way’. (no cross talk. no counseling and commentaries.

TWO ‘Family Honesty Times’ per week, Because of this work, you have the comfort of KNOWING that you are NOT HIDDEN, and therefore you are NOT ALONE.  Your choices are CONNECTED with a human family. Your people who care about you have ‘heard your struggles’. LATER you will get encouragement, assistance and conversation regarding the places of your ‘hurt’, your ‘self-destructive’ choices! 


You decide to be willing to be honest in the general stress areas of human life.
Two times a week you get together with family and friends,
     We treat these hidden things inside of us like treasures. Buried. Hidden. ‘Special’. But they are not treasures. They are ‘unaddressed issues’, Bad choices, REPETITIVE bad choices, failures, bad reactions. The STORIES of these ‘hidden things’ are actually meant to be shared with other minds and hearts, so that the spirit of ‘CARING’ can cause the ‘hidden stuff’ to become a special ‘community wisdom’. The STORIES that ‘stay hidden’ in a childs life can cause a ‘ruinous, horrible’ adulthood.


I Stephen-David, have formed the Radical Honesty Project for a single purpose. To challenge people to BECOME AN HONESTY-FAMILY, Because i have seen that ‘NOBODY MAINTAINS HONESTY’. Because i have seen too many YOUTHS and SOLDIERS die of suicide and drug-deaths. Because i have seen great businesses fail because of ‘dishonesty-lies-unadressed issues’. (i am a business & entrepreneurial focused person) This is a ‘hard work’, and not one that most people really want to engage in. I am personally EAGER to do this work, and to cause !

      We are surrounded by a generation on ‘devices’. The ‘devices’ allow young people to ‘bypass their parents’ in getting to the bottom of things. The devices also allow young people to access extremely ENTICING and DISTRACTING stuff. It is easy to lure a young mind to be truly TRAPPED in self-destructive thoughts and behavior.

Is your conscience clear?     -Lasting success comes from regularly clearing your conscience. WITH OTHERS.      -You will fail in various ways, that's normal. Thats REAL. How you deal with the failures is the key to everything.      -We at Radical Honesty Project are here to help DEAL with failures, in a solid 'forever-family' way.      -PLEASE, decide to be 'Honesty Family' today.
     Is your conscience clear??
Wouldn’t it be GRAND if your conscience was just totally clear, and maintained that way??
…you can be CLEAR, so you can be filled with ‘invisible inspirations and goodness’.
DECIDE to expose the ‘hidden stuff’, as a grand victory.
DECIDE to let others who are dedicated to honesty help you in little ways, as they are led.
Let other compassionate hearts SERVE you with their ‘inner empathy and prayers’ their ‘good energy’ and encouragements, If you share your stuff in the ‘honesty times’ OTHERS can help you at other points in the week, as they feel led to.
DECIDE to help the KIDS get honest, face things, ‘FIX’ THINGS, and PUT THINGS RIGHT.
DECIDE to be MORE ALIVE, immersed in an ‘Honesty Family’.

Warning:    -GO AWAY!!
if this is not for you. BUT ‘share’ with just FIVE people. And come back someday.

Radical Honesty Project is for people who are DESPERATE, SERIOUS and MOTIVATED.
People MOTIVATED to sacrifice themselves to assist their family, friendships, and community.
People desperate for SUCCESS.
People desperate for HELP. People desperate for CHANGE.
People desperate for WHOLENESS in atmospheres of sick-ugly-twisted-troubles & fakery.
People desperately wanting to REMOVE the ‘self-destructive behavior’ and hidden stuff.
People DESPERATE to attain and maintain a CLEAR CONSCIENCE.

If you are a person who is pretty comfortable and ‘pleased with life’ the way it is, -GO AWAY!!
…just come back someday if you’re feeling desperate, serious and motivated. We will be waiting.

(If you are comfortable, and not outraged, even at your own dangerous mistakes,
you might not be paying attention to the conflicts and aspects of real life.) 

Here are the Questions. the standard HUMAN Questions.
-WHO is going to ‘love you right’, who is the ‘right person’??
-HOW are you going to deal with your ‘messed up family?’
-WHAT should your location and career be??
…if you have your ‘right love’ ‘peaceful family’ and your ‘location and career’……
-HOW are you going to prevent yourself from ‘going insane'(again)?

How can we get a CLEAR answer on these things,
if we have a bunch of unaddressed issues,
troubles and tragedies
hidden events
secret sadnesses
broken promises and fears

You are a unique, inspiring, and powerful vessel.
 You are BEST when clear,
When you are clear, you are able to be filled with ‘invisible, clean energy’
‘eternal super-power inspiration’….
ability to work and play with great VITALITY.

-more soon.